Consumer Health 1 Center

Director In Suk Choi


Health Based Research Team

Comsumer Health 1 Center

Research on health functional food materials and health care-related materials
using natural products and microorganisms

Main research fields

1. Development and commercialization of natural health functional food materials
2. Research on functional materials related to probiotics and microbiome
3. Discovery and commercialization of effective substances by bioconversion

Research process
  • Research on antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and improving immune indicators
  • in vitro and in vivo research for target disease improvement
  • Raw material standardization and development of production technology
  • Clinical trial planning and individual recognition type promotion
Bioconversion process by intestinal microorganisms
Product development process
Team - members
Jimyeong Ha, Team Leader
  • Research Scientist
Hyunji Park
  • Research Associate