Established in 2018,
the CHA Advanced Research Institute is
a translational research organization in the medical/pharmaceutical field
focusing on R&D commercialization through the
CHA Group's integrated industrial-academic-research-medical networks.
CARI is an R&D enterprise built to
develop cell & genetic therapeutics,
novel disease-modifying drugs for unmet medical needs
and consumer health products
by harnessing innovative technological advances.
We actively pursue research translation toward commercialization
in close collaboration with
CHA Group's domestic and international partners.
CARI will make every effort to provide
all humanity with a bright and healthy life.


Tech Commercialization Division

Key department responsible for the overall management of intellectual properties and patents of the CHA Medical Group

Office of Research Strategy and Coordination

Contributing towards the innovative global level of R&BD commercialization by supervising overall work related to operation and support of the research center.

Center for Research & Development

Open platform providing experimental services in in vivo/vitro efficacy testing and histological analysis

Cell Therapy 1 Center

Specialized research in embryonic stem cell maintenance, differentiation and applications.

Cell Therapy 2 Center

Focused on revealing the potential of human fetal stem cells as therapeutics and understanding their therapeutic mechanisms

Cell Therapy 3 Center

Outlining the physiological functions, pathological implications, and clinical applications of embryonic germline stem cells.

Gene Therapy 1 Center

Understanding the mechanism of how oncolytic viruses, a new class of tumor immunotherapy, mediate antitumor activity

Gene Therapy 2 Center

Discovering and developing novel treatments through the knowledge of therapeutic targets and early enhanced drug discovery

Consumer Health 1 Center

Research on health functional food materials and health care-related materials using natural products and microorganisms

Consumer Health 2 Center

Driving breakthrough discoveries in proactive skin care using bioderma-related to technology and substances