Cell Therapy 2 Center

Director Jong Seop Rim



Fetal MSC Team

Cell Therapy 2 Center

Fetal MSC research center is focused on revealing the potential of human fetal
stem cells as therapeutics and understanding their therapeutic mechanisms.
We are targeting incurable diseases with severe symptoms that might benefit from stem cell therapy. We are developing fetal MSCs from the donation of early-stage ectopic pregnancy that are otherwise usually discarded.

Fetal MSC has tremendous commercialization potential than any other
source of MSCs because of their outstanding abilities in proliferation and differentiation.
For example, we have found that fetal calvarial MSC represents superior osteogenic differentiation capacity; furthermore, pre-clinical application of fetal calvarial MSC in bone fracture model confirms bone repair.

Therefore, human fetal MSC may have the potential to treat various incurable
bone diseases such as osteogenesis imperfecta and non-union.
Fetal MSC research center will continue to make efforts in developing cell therapy
products and technologies for patients, driving scientific advancements.

Team - members
Junoh Kwon, Team Leader
  • Research Scientist
  • jokwon@chamc.co.kr
Borim An, Team Leader
  • Research Scientist
  • borim_an@chamc.co.kr
Junsung Kim
  • Research Associate
  • snowgim@chamc.co.kr
Sujin Jung
  • Research Associate
  • sujin0330@chamc.co.kr
Soobeen Jeon
  • Research Associate
  • sbub9598@chamc.co.kr