R&D Support Center

Director Jungeun Park



CellTheP Team

R&D Support Center

We provide a differentiated experimental service that has been successfully
commercialized through accumulated cell therapy development experience,
R&BD facilities and infrastructure systematization

  1. In vitro cell line development
  2. In vivo animal disease model generation
  3. Efficacy evaluation of medicine and cell therapy through cell line and animal model
  4. Bio-distribution assessment of stem cell therapy product
Team - members
Junmo Kang, Team Leader
  • Senior Research Scientist
  • kjm1001@chamc.co.kr
Yeonho Shin
  • Research Scientist
  • yeonho@chamc.co.kr
Seungmin Lee
  • Research Scientist
  • smin0515@chamc.co.kr
Hyelim Kang
  • Research Scientist
  • 1883lim@chamc.co.kr
Wonwoo Lee
  • Research Scientist
  • Lsw232@chamc.co.kr
JiMo Koo
  • Research Associate
  • koochj@chamc.co.kr