Gene Therapy 2 Center

Director JungEun Park


Advanced Gene Engineering Team

Gene Therapy 2 Center

Gene and cell therapies could help reduce or eliminate the need for treatments
requiring constant care. Our aim is to develop safe and effective next generation curative
gene/cell therapy for translational research. Our work focuses on 1) CAR-NK immunotherapy
for solid tumors, and 2) CRISPR/Cas technology for genetic disorders.
NK cell therapy platform is designed to maximize the therapeutic effect of allogeneic
NK cells through chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) engineering.

This next-generation CAR-NK with reinforced ability to overcome the tumor
microenvironment can be applied for solid tumors. Using advanced CRISPR/Cas technology
targeting DNA/RNA/epigenetic modulator or CRISPR/base editors,
we focus on rewriting and correcting specific mutations that cause genetic diseases
such as tyrosinemia, beta thalassemia, muscular dystrophy, phenylketonuria,
congenital deafness, and cardiovascular diseases.

Making a new era of gene and cell therapeutics via CRISPR/Cas technologies
Team - members
Jeeyoung Chung
  • Research Scientist
Daseuri Cha
  • Research Associate
Areum Han
  • Research Associate
Byoungchan Park
  • Research Associate